PAINTINGS 2013 - 2018


The DEAD ZONE series was inspired by media reports of the rapid rise in industrial

agricultural runoffs in lakes, rivers and oceans worldwide.

The paintings in the SAFETY IN NUMBERS series were inspired by the energies and

rhythms of the life around us. 

The CIRCLE OF LIFE series paintings focus on nature's way of taking and giving

back life to the earth. Part of this series was inspired by the accelerated rate

of heating the planet (the seres).

GMO paintings.  Modifying, altering, engineering.  Everything is interconnected.

The imagery in the DROUGHT/WILDFIRE series was inspired by natural and

man-made disasters intensified by climate change occurring in areas of North

America, South America and southern Africa.

AFRICA REVISITED was inspired by numerous media reports in 2014 of wildlife

trafficking, elephant and rhino poaching in Africa.  The paintings aim to raise the awareness

of Africa's diminishing wildlife population and to draw attention to the disappearance of

keystone species.  For more information about the images in the Revisited series, colors

used to complete the series, an in-depth look at Loretta's inspiration for the work, and her

ongoing interest in the future of Africa's wildlife go to http://art4apes.com/submission-


Both the M series and WEDGE series focus on male/female relationships in our

diverse natural world.  The paintings often deal with issues of communication,

nurturing and competition.

CERAMICS - Partial List of Available Work

The freestanding sculpture of series YK and wall reliefs of the CELIA series together make

up her largest body of work.  Both series were energized by imagery in the natural world.

The work was constructed with her clay body formulated, mixed, and aged in her studio.

All the sculpture is stoneware and is hand built.