THREE OF A KIND:  SERIES HR has been selected for inclusion in award winning poet, Peter Waldor's  limited edition, coffee table book of poetry "Gate Posts with No Gate:  The Leg Paint Project". This ground-breaking book carries an endorsement from Sean Hemingway.  Readings and exhibitions throughout the US, Canada and Europe are planned around a mid 2018 release date.

The  11" x 14" canvas is part of a series of oil on canvas, oil and canvas board and oil on canvas paper.  All the work was done with a pallet knife in black, rust, whites and greys.  Some were executed wet on wet and others, like "Three of a Kind",  were done with each layer dry before the next one was applied.   The paintings from HR series have been exhibited in a three person show at the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission Gallery and in a one person exhibition at Nashville Jazz Workshop, both in Tennessee.

DEAD ZONE i:  ENVIRONMENT SERIES  is one of 30 works  selected from entries world wide in all media except video and wearable art in STILL POINT IX. The triptych is published in the literary and arts journal, Still Point Arts Quarterly.  Summer 2017, Issue No. 26, p. 32.

The Dead Zone series of 7 acrylic canvases were inspired by media reports of agricultural and industrial runoffs occurring in deltas, estuaries, lakes, rivers, and oceans worldwide.  Add in climate change acidifying and warming the waters. The end results are low oxygen levels that lead to reproduction problems in sea life, a reduction of the population of large fish and suffocation of marine life. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Scientists have stated that dead zones due to human activity are reversible if their causes are reduced or eliminated.  Surely a challenge and an uphill battle.